Getting option answers for a dollar quote is time consuming & difficult

for 200+Million websites that have ‘Free Quote’, ‘Free Estimate’ or ‘Call for Quote’ with a contact form

Automate it with Patented Self-Help CPQcart

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Amazon Marketplace gets a lot web traffic but they only provide Off the shelf items

The product name CPQcart & sites start with CPQ, that Stands for the Industry Term ‘Configure Price Quote’

CPQ is a derivative from the Manufacturing Industry that called it ‘Configurator’

Survey indicates:

Virtually 100% of buyers want to self-serve all or part of their buying journey, up 13% from last year

The vast majority of buyers (81%) want to find pricing information on their own.

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One franchise group indicated 32% of the business tasks are Quoting.

How many hours do you spend on the phone getting Option Answers so you can do a Quote?

With three easy steps you can Automate that with our Patented Self-Help Pre-Defined Form for your industry.

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If you only Signing up for Express it is similar only all quote request, come through our Marketplace https://us-buy.cpq.market/How-It-Works No monthly fee only pay/ per matched Buyer, Quote or Order transactions that is within the designated miles that you do business.

Reduce the # of back-and-forth Order Flow Steps by allowing your prospects with Self-Serve configuring products or services in real time with Patented CPQcart.

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With CPQcart only 3 steps.

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Our Marketplace Automated Quoting Without Human Effort

Our Patented Marketplace is better than HomeAdvisor® or Angi® in that your site with us is only shown to prospects within your desired mile radius, automatically received the options answers from the Marketplace, calculates the $, sends it back INSTANTLY to the prospect on the Marketplace without any Human Effort on your part, you & prospect get an email of the quote with contact info. Prospect can place the order if they are ready to start the Install or Process.

Have you been frustrated with your website Free Quote contact form?

  1. The phone number or email is invalid.
  2. Only get an answering machine so you cannot get the option answers.
  3. When you finally contact them a week later, they have already bought elsewhere.

Your prospects will no longer have to wait up to 48 hours to submit their preferences and needs over the phone with you, then wait longer for you to email their quote. 

With CPQcart they will get an instant quote after selecting the options on a predefined Form! 

We are not advocating replacing your existing website:

  • You have a link placed on your present website or you only provide our web page to your staff if you do not want it open to the public.
    • Your contact only site FORM can be replaced with a link to our www.CPQcart.co\YourPhone# that has sufficient options to do a quote.
  • You control the option words, allowed answers, & math for computing the quote price. 
  • We do the rest of keeping your site up to date & backups.

CPQcart is a revolutionary Patented instant pricing/quoting software that will save you and your potential customers’ time with the potential of increasing your sales and ROI. 

  • Are you interested in reducing overhead costs and time in the quotation process, while achieving more sales?
  • Are you interested in an automated self-help Instant Quote system with tracking of your Win vs Lose Quotes?
  • Are you interested in getting better pre-qualified leads that have a sufficient budget for your service or product?

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